Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Don't Mess with My Tutu!

Another fantastic virtual run to check out! Proceeds benefit the "Girls on the Run" organization!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Crutches to Bare

Since I've unfortunately had to experience life on crutches for the first time in my life, I remembered back to this photo I took during the 2012 Nike Woman's San Francisco Half Marathon. I was in awe of this woman then, and now I am even more astonished. I remember her saying she was going to get as far as she could and that unfortunately this had happened fairly recently. Now knowing how incredibly difficult and uncomfortable crutches are this woman has crossed my kind more than once. Bravo to her!!


A Full 30 Days of Foot Failure

It's been four weeks with a cast on my right foot. March 8th I took my fateful (more like ridiculous) stumble. In the beginning I had no idea how I'd get through 6-8 weeks however I have to say the last few have gone by quickly. There's been some boredom as I've been in medical leave, but the good news is the bones are healing and we are moving forward.

Here is my latest X-ray...


And here are the three of them side by side... 3/10, 3/24 and yesterday April 7.


Thankfully the bone that had moved ( the second metatarsal) between the first and second visit, is healing. It's not healing the best it can, however it is healing well. The third bone is healing perfectly.

Now on to the rest....


I again was accosted by the power tool saw to remove the red cast! Cynthia unfortunately did not have as gentle a touch as my last nurse (still love you girl!) but she did explain that the blade doesn't actually rotate it just vibrates so it's pretty safe.


And of course, once the second cast I've ever had was removed, my leg was looking oh so sexy!


My doctor (what up doc) mentioned last checkup that possibly during this visit we would be able to outfit me in a boot. Super excited about that possibility. However 2 more weeks in a new purple cast .....


Then I will have foot freedom!!! I will be able to shave my right leg and paint my right toes.. I will even be able to drive!!! Super excited to return to normal life!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Magazine Makes Fun of Cancer Survivor's Tutu

Monika Allen said she didn't realize how the magazine was planning to use her photo


  By Greg Bledsoe

|  Thursday, Mar 27, 2014  |  Updated 12:19 PM EDT
 A San Diego runner and cancer survivor says she was snubbed by a popular women's magazine that used a photo of her wearing a tutu to make fun of the fitness fashion trend. 
Monika Allen says she was excited to receive an email from SELF magazine asking for permission to use a photo that showed her running the LA marathon dressed as Wonder Woman and wearing a tutu in an upcoming issue.
But when the April issue came out, Allen said she was “stunned and offended.”
The picture appears in a section of the magazine called “The BS Meter," with a caption that refers to a "tutu epidemic" and basically makes fun of the women's outfits, she said.

"A racing tutu epidemic has struck NYC's Central Park, and it's all because people think these froufrou skirts make you run faster," the caption reads. "Now, if you told us they made people run from you faster, maybe we would believe it."
Allen said the photo was "really offensive for a couple of reasons." The marathon came right in the middle of chemotherapy, and she says the outfit gave her motivation.
“The reason we were wearing those outfits is because this was my first marathon running with brain cancer,” Allen explained.
Another reason was that she made the tutu herself. Her company Glam Runners makes them and donates the money to Girls on the Run, a charity that sponsors exercise and confidence-building programs for young girls. She said she's raised about $5,600 for the nonprofit by making about 2,000 tutus over the past three years.
"I feel like we were misled in providing the picture. Had I known how the picture was going to be used, I wouldn't have wanted to send it,” she said.
Allen said she emailed SELF magazine Tuesday night. As of Wednesday afternoon, she had not received a response.
In a statement to NBC 7, SELF apologized "for the association of her picture in any way other than to support her efforts to be healthy."
"Of course if tutus make you run with a smile on your face or with a sense of purpose or community, then they are indeed worth wearing, for any race," the statement read.
This marathoner knows firsthand that a smile can go a long way.
“One little smile or an extra cheer from a stranger can really make things better," Allen said.
There are dozens of messages of support for Allen on the Glam Runner Facebook page. Allen says friends and customers have also sent letters to SELF.

The above article was seen at the following link:

Monday, March 24, 2014

2 week checkup!

 Went to see the doctor today for my 2 week checkup! I was excited. I know,  random right? I think I was expecting him to tell me my bones magically healed themselves in 2 weeks. 

Sadly, they did not. Get to that in a sec because I have a more important thing I discuss! 

So, I hadn't really given two thoughts as to how they remove a cast. I thought it was just a really big pair of scissors or soemthing! I wasn't expecting power tools!! Yes! A power saw!!!that

That is a SAW in her hand!! I wasn't expecting or ready for that!

It was so wierd!! I stayed very still. She informed me she had done this plenty of times! But yeah.. Wasn't ready for that! 

                Peace out pink cast!

I'm fascinated by this whole process because I've never broken anything before. 

                  Fashion statement!

And here's my foot 2 weeks after being in a cast! Wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. Everyone tells you there horror stories, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Hairy leg, yes but other than that nothing looked as bad as I thought. My foot looked normal compared to how it looked when it in the cast the original time!

Now, on to the bones themselves. After the cast was removed, he took a new set of X-rays. 

Unfortunately one of the broken bones moved. I believe the second metatarsal. 

Here are the two X-ray's side by side.

He asked if I had been standing on it. I have been balancing on the heel of the cast but, I guess even that was too much. He said that the movement wasn't THAT bad, and it wasn't near the joint so there were no long term affects of damage or arthritis, but I need to stay completely off of it!

I received a new cast! RED! Taylor Swifts fav color, her album name (I know, I know, I'm lame) and Florida Panthers team color. Venturing out to a game this Thursday so I figured I'd show some team spirit!!

Still iffy on the race. Still unsure of the actual cast removal date. Lots of stuff still in the air. 

But for now, that's pretty much the only place my foot should be, up in the air.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Great Foot Failure of 2014

What started out as a beautiful Saturday at he beach with my sister...
(Yes, I like Taylor Swift)

... Sadly ended with this....

Yes at 33 years old, I have broken my first bone (s).  Unfortunately I don't have a really exciting story as to how it happened, however I will try to make it as exciting as possible:

I was a passenger in car and we had just arrived home from the beach. I had my Taylor Swift beach bag and my Taylor Swift towel at my feet. I went to get out of the car and got my foot tangled in the beach towel and beach bag strap. So I fell out of the car, in front of neighbors and all while in my bathing suit, boobs flying out. Luckily I was able to brace myself,  but I did get my foot caught under me backwards. I knew immediately something was broken. I was scared it was my ankle. It was a pain I had never felt before. However I was dealing with my sister who was laughing cause let's face it, I just fell out of a car!  What I didn't understand at the time however was that I shot incredibly nauseous and hot. The sweat was dripping from me and I kept telling my sister I was going to throw up. I didn't thankfully and when I finally was able to compose myself, this is what my foot looked like:

I couldn't put any pressure on it so my sister went and bought me crutches. While it was swollen, I did t think it was *THAT* bad.  Just swollen, I did fall on it.  While I initially did think it ass broken, I don't have the best health insurance and I'm still unfortunately paying for my kidney stone that I had in August. It's sad but basically it was the cost of all of this that was in my head the whole time. I convinced myself that it was just bruised and that when  I woke up Sunday morning it would be all better. 

However, this is what it looked like when I woke up Sunday:

Needless to say, I immediately called my sister and asked her to take me to Urgent Care.  The doctor confirmed that I had two metatarsal bones in my right foot broken.  My first question I asked was about my race in August. I was told that I would not be able to participate and that I'd most likely need surgery. I was extremely upset. This was not supposed to be happening.

The next day I saw an orthopedic specialist who showed my my X-rays.

Thankfully I do not need surgery or pins. The orthopedic doctor is open to me doing the race, however he is concerned given the length of the race, 19.3 miles. He doesn't know exactly how my foot will heel as of now so he couldn't give it his full blessing.

So this is where I'm at. He estimates me in the cast for 6-8 weeks. So far, we're 1 down and I'm miserable. I miss walking. I had no idea how hard crutches are. They are horrendous. 

I see my doctor again on Monday where he will take X-rays again and see how it's fine after 2 weeks. I'm the meantime, I, here oh my couch, frustrated and not working.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do regarding the race. I've waited a long time to do this race and to all of a sudden have it taken away is incredibly frustrating, yet I don't want to rush it and further injure myself. 

Whatever I decide, I will still be fundraising either for this race or I will transfer to one a little further away to allow myself more time.

 So that's what's going on with me. I envy all you people who are out there walking right now! 

P.S I'm suing Taylor Swift 

(My sister finds this picture hilarious)

This is great. (And not me)

This is not me. Although when I posted this link on FB, several of my friends said (I can SO see you doing this)...

Half-marathon runner passes time on her run by taking selfies with hot guys.
Perhaps the most badass selfie of all time  

(via Kelly Roberts on Instagram)New Yorker Kelly Roberts ran a half marathon this weekend, and like many people she wanted a way to stay motivated during the run. She had the usual friends with signs cheering her on, but Kelly also added something different that got her in the national spotlight: she took a selfie with a hot guy in the background for each of the 13 miles on her course with the hashtag #hottguysofthenychalf. While taking photos with attractive people in the background isn't exactly difficult in New York City, doing so while trying to maintain your composure during a long race is really hard, and results in some wonderful new selfie faces that can only be achieved while out of breath.

"I'm just going to walk for a second. It's not like anyone will see this moment in my life."  (via)

Do he got that brow sweat? He dooooo. (via)

Move over, duck-face. Pucker-mouth is all the rage now. (via)

Kelly is not afraid of letting her more specific preferences be known. (via)

"I knew if I held out through enough decades, ladies would come flocking back to the short shorts."


"God dammit, can't I run one race without showing up in a hot guys list?" (via)

Hot dad + moving camera-phone glitches = The Human Torch at 50. (via)

This guy has no idea he's already won this race. (via)

That classic finish-line teeth-lick. (via)

So, if you're looking for a motivation to run, consider doing it for the pictures of you with hot, in-shape people, proving that you're one of them. Also, national fame. That too.
Check out the rest of the race photos on Kelly's Instagram.