Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Full 30 Days of Foot Failure

It's been four weeks with a cast on my right foot. March 8th I took my fateful (more like ridiculous) stumble. In the beginning I had no idea how I'd get through 6-8 weeks however I have to say the last few have gone by quickly. There's been some boredom as I've been in medical leave, but the good news is the bones are healing and we are moving forward.

Here is my latest X-ray...


And here are the three of them side by side... 3/10, 3/24 and yesterday April 7.


Thankfully the bone that had moved ( the second metatarsal) between the first and second visit, is healing. It's not healing the best it can, however it is healing well. The third bone is healing perfectly.

Now on to the rest....


I again was accosted by the power tool saw to remove the red cast! Cynthia unfortunately did not have as gentle a touch as my last nurse (still love you girl!) but she did explain that the blade doesn't actually rotate it just vibrates so it's pretty safe.


And of course, once the second cast I've ever had was removed, my leg was looking oh so sexy!


My doctor (what up doc) mentioned last checkup that possibly during this visit we would be able to outfit me in a boot. Super excited about that possibility. However 2 more weeks in a new purple cast .....


Then I will have foot freedom!!! I will be able to shave my right leg and paint my right toes.. I will even be able to drive!!! Super excited to return to normal life!

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  1. Did you take the purple cast off?Hope you feel better and dont have any pain.